Should students have been able to pay reduced rent?

With the coved-19 crisis affecting university daily life, students were found to face the brunt of it with little support from landlords. Landlords had the option of facing mortgage ‘holidays” allowing a stop on mortgage payments ( to be paid later) on properties. A large amount of students vacated their rental property to be given no reprises on payments despite the fact a lot of them would not be able to work or have access to universal credit. Student loans were given as the reason that payments couldn’t be reduced, however a typical landlord will charge double their mortgage payments for rent meaning they still profited.

Landlords would have of course been facing difficult times and if they stopped paying their mortgage would still be required to pay the amount back in full after the ‘holiday’. This would have created a difficult position for landlords and the possible increase of rent in the next term to make up for it.

We believe a good position to take would have been to meet in the middle, with a reduction in rent students would be able to manage means better during the crisis while landlords would have been able to meet their mortgage requirements reducing the struggle and strain on the system.

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