June 2020

Should students have been able to pay reduced rent?

With the coved-19 crisis affecting university daily life, students were found to face the brunt of it with little support from landlords. Landlords had the option of facing mortgage 'holidays" allowing a stop on mortgage payments ( to be paid later) on properties. A large amount of students vacated their rental property to be given no reprises on payments despite the fact a lot of them would not be able...

Online university could mean landlords suffer

With some university's announcing online lectures in their first term many landlords are uncertain about what their future will hold. Uni of Manchester has confirmed that all their lectures will indeed follow this process. This enables students to work from home with many returning to their household families. Landlords operating in the HMO student market may be suddenly without tenants which could be...

Propoly news

Were excited to share our use of Propoly, an innovative software that allows for a modern and easy approach to handling tenancies!...

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